Spring cleaning

Having finished a few UFOs and repair/alteration jobs over the weekend, I took some time to do a bit of spring cleaning. My sewing area was looking really messy so I’ve given everything a good tidy up, sorted all my boxes and drawers, collected up a whole load of bits of threads from the floor and even oiled my sewing machine (this rarely happens although I’m aware you’re encouraged to do it regularly- really?!? Does anyone else do this, or is it just me….?)


Sewing table with labels

I found so many little bits and pieces tucked away which I’d forgotten I had and it also made room for the bundle of new notions I got from my Secret Santa at work. I sorted my cupboard too to make room for some lovely new things, including these fabrics which my husband brought back from a recent trip to India


Aren’t they lovely for summer? I’m totally thinking of finding a tunic/dress pattern so I can use the circles fabric to make a tunic like this Boden one.

I was on a roll by this point so my Honiton cover cloths (which <cough> have never been hemmed in the five years I’ve had them), were finally done which took all of about two minutes, then I washed and pressed all my cover cloths, re-wound some Honiton bobbins ready for the next project and got rid of all my bent pins. I still have a whole heap of English bobbins which need re-spangling but that will have to wait for another day!


So things are now looking much tidier and more importantly I know what I’ve got and I know where it all is. All ready now to start a new lace piece, and finish a quilt which I first started back in 2008 but then the girls came along and it’s just sat there unloved and unfinished for all that time. But isn’t it just so satisfying (finally) getting things done?


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