Back in the game

Sewing Bee Lace

Image source: Great British Sewing Bee Facebook

So what’s new with you?! For me, it’s a new baby (although he’s two months old now so not quite so new anymore) but it certainly made for a busy Christmas. So naturally the lace has taken a back seat of late. Until this week that is, when I dusted off my travel cushion to start a simple edging to demonstrate whole stitch and half stitch and a basic Torchon ground to a friend who’s interested in learning how to make lace.


How appropriate then that just as I’m sat doing some lace for the first time in ages, it pops up on prime time TV! If you’re in the UK you may have seen a short section on the changing fortunes of lace-making during the semi-final of the Great British Sewing Bee. There was some archive footage (how fast were that ladies hands moving in the black and white clip?!?) and an interview with some Bedfordshire lace makers. It was great to see it covered on the programme and to (mis)quote one of the contestants, it’s been great for me to get back in the creative game. Looking forward to getting my teeth into some new lace projects and some new tutorials. Watch this space!



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