I was first taught how to make bobbin lace at the age of ten- so a couple of decades (or so) later I should really have a greater repetoire than I do. So through this blog I hope to:

– share what I’m creating, to give myself a kick up the bottom to do more

– swap tips and projects with others- lace makers, stitchers, whoever

– inspire others to give lace a go, and provide tutorials on how to go about it.

So why Cattern? Well the patron saint of lacemakers (and spinsters, as it goes, but we’ll gloss over that) was St Catherine- which also happens to be my name (although without the St most days…). 25th November was her saint day and the lacemakers would sell their wares to the merchants and celebrate by making St Catherine’s Cakes, or Cattern Cakes as they became known. So there we are- my name, a saint and some cake- a perfect combination, huh?!

When I’m not making lace I’m mum of three young children, sew my own clothes and work in staff development. I live a few miles outside Manchester on the edges of Saddleworth.

And here is a picture of some bobbins, just because:


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