Golden Hands

I spent a couple of happy hours at the weekend looking through Mum’s collection of Golden Hands magazines from the 1970. There’s some classic pictures in there- more than a touch of Margot Leadbetter about some of the outfits and some of the knitted children’s clothes are bordering on the cruel- but the thing I loved about them were the really clear dressmaking instructions (which will never date) and the multiple ways to amend basic clothing patterns.


The sections on bobbin lace making are not quite as in-depth and to be honest I didn’t think the instructions were that good (something like Pamela Nottingham’s books are much clearer for the beginner) but it was good to see the origins of the resurgence in bobbin lacemaking that took place in the 1970s and 1980s.

Golden Hands 1

I also found some patterns tucked into the pages on making baby clothes which had been cut out of the local newspaper from the summer of 1976, when my mum would have been pregnant with me- I wonder if they ever got made?? I like finding things like this- it gives me a real sense of continuity and pride that my love of creative things has clearly been passed down. I hope I can do the same in the future.