Designing a collar

I’ve wanted to make a lace Peter Pan collar for some time but haven’t managed to find a pattern that I really like. I collected some ideas on a Pinterest Board and looked through all my books and patterns but in the end decided that because it’s been a while since I designed any lace, I’d design my own, using Torchon lace.

Lace collars

I started with an outline of a collar shape and made a light grid on it to work from. I knew I wanted a scallop edge so decided on Paris shells, and also knew I wanted some whole stitch hearts, roseground and definitely scope for adding beads. The pattern just evolved from there as I sketched the design.


Designing Torchon lace patterns can be relatively straight-forward once you’re familiar with the construction of the patterns and how different stitches work together. You can then start to work out where the different threads will end up after each stitch. Designing Honiton seems a bit easier on the face of it as you’re freer with the shape, however you do still need to bear in mind things like the width of any area of filling.

This is the first time that I’ve designed anything on a curve, which has added a few challenges to getting the grid right, but nothing too insurmountable. I’m sure there will be a certain amount of trial and error as I go along- and I’m certain the second collar will be quicker than the first as I’ll have ironed out any problems by then. I think it’s going to use upwards of 30 pairs of bobbins which I’m currently preparing. I’ll post updates as I go along- wish me luck!